Nunawading Cricket Club

Trevor Hutchins

 Trevor "Hutch" Hutchins

Trevor Hutchins began playing at Nunawading Cricket Club in the 1969-70 season. Having played his junior cricket at Blackburn, Trevor then played five seasons at Richmond. Trevor was appointed captain/coach in 1970/71, a position he held for 7 of his 20 seasons at the club. Trevor’s father Ern was a stalwart of the Association and was President for many years, ending in 1970-71. For two other seasons Trevor captained the Shield team. During this period the club won four shield grand finals and missed playing in the finals only once. As coach, Trevor was not eligible for the T. Reeves Trophy, Club Champion, but when he was not coaching he won this trophy six times. 

Trevor won the batting average seven times and the bowling five. His shield batting average was 38.39, and his bowling average was 15.59. He is the only Nunawading Shield player to take 300 wickets and make 6000 runs in the history of the club. His best batting performance was 238no in a Shield Grand Final and 7/28 was his best return with the ball. . Trev was part of the 391 run record Nunawading partnership for any wicket.

In 1987 Freddy Watson named him as one of the best 11 players he had seen in the competition. In 1986 the Player of the Year Trophy was named for Trevor and in 1990 he was awarded Life Membership of the club for his contribution both as a player and committeeman. Trevor's father Ernie, played cricket for Blackburn and was made a life member of that club. Ernie also served on the Association Executive in a number of capacities including President and was awarded life membership in 1988. Trevor also served on the Association Executive as President, following a number of years as the Nunawading Delegate. He and was awarded life membership of the Association in 1999. Trevor's son David, has also played at

Trevor Hutchins coached the Club from 1970-71 till 1977-78 (with a non coaching year in 73-74) and again in 86-87. He was offered three year contract in May 1974 and, in responding and accepting the offer, Trevor recommended that John O’Sullivan be appointed as P.T. instructor to lift the level of fitness and that training commence in June for the coming season.

Hutch scored 238 n.o. in the winning 1976-77 Grand Final. Trevor’s score is still the club record.

Trevor captained the First XI to premierships in 1976/77 and 1981/82, as well as paying in the 1973/74 and 1979/80, total of Four First XI Premierships.

He won the TA Reeves Trophy for the best First XI player in 1973/74, 1976/77, 1980/81, 1981/82 and 1982/83 and would undoubtedly won more had the rule that a paid player was ineligible for the award not applied.

The Player of the Year Award, for the player who scores the most points through wickets and catches taken and runs scored, was named in Trevors honour in 1983/84.