Nunawading Cricket Club

Tim Moore

Tim Moore

Tim played junior cricket with Nunawading in 1969/70 as a 14 year old under the guidance of the late Mick McLachlan down at Silver Grove and returned to play senior cricket in the early 80's at Mahoneys Reserve.

During the past 20 years he has held a number of positions on the committee, but predominantly involved with the juniors originally in a coaching capacity and later as the Junior Section Manager, doing his apprenticeship under Bob Saker.  He became the BHRDCA Junior Development Manager in 1990 and in 1991 joined the BHRDCA Executive, along with Trevor Hutchins, as Junior Section Manager but continued in my role as Jnr Development Manager.  He remained in these roles until 2000. 

Tim has continued to play cricket at Nunawading for the past 20 years and has been a member of 3 premiership sides U16 1969/70, A3 1987/88 and C2 1998/99. 

Tim also served as Assistant Coach and Chairman of Selectors. 

Tim believes cricket has been extremely kind to him as he has been the honoured recipient of the " Joe Plant Award" ( Victorian Cricket Coaches Association - Coach of the Year 1994 ),  Australian Sports Medal - Cricket -  2000,   Nunawading Cricket Club - Life Member - 2000, and BHRDCA Life Member - 2001. 

Tim sees Nunawading as a fantastic club - a "family club" and without doubt it’s greatest strength has been, in his time, the emphasis placed on its junior structure and personnel. This is highlighted by the numbers of talented players we have produced who have gone on to bigger and better things,  David Saker and Andrew Kent to name a couple and the players we have retained in senior cricket over the years.  

Apart from his Life Membership and the premiership wins, some of Tim’s individual highlights include :

 *         His only season in Shield One playing under Bill Saker at the tender age of 38 

*         That famous victory in the firsts Vs Vermont when Andy (Red) Taylor and Tim, with 9 wickets down, batted for 10 overs to score 12 runs. As we walked off the ground a kiss from Bill Saker was followed by the comment " I was never concerned about either of you going out - just who would hit a four."  Tim left that to Red. 

Finally, Tim  says that he wished his cricket had been good enough to play more games with legends like John O'Sullivan, Keith Joyce, Trevor Hutchins and Bill Saker in their prime but have been privileged to play with some great characters and fierce competitors including Gary Saultry, Dean McBlane, David Cowell, David Longstaff Steve Minton and Greg Voutier, to name just a few.