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Ted Aumann

Ted Aumann

In the pioneering days on the 1850’s and 1860’s when the population of the Nunawading Parish started to accumulate, many German families moved to Australia to escape the hard times in Europe and settled in the Doncaster and Templestowe areas. From there some moved into Nunawading. The Aumann family were very prominent in both the Doncaster and Nunawading areas and into a family of orchardists, Ted Aumann was born in Doncaster in 1897. 

He grew up speaking German at home before starting school and quickly learning English where, as he said in a local paper he ‘learnt the swear words first’. Ted was called up for national service just after the First World War and joined the Light Horse Regiment. Whilst in the regiment he held the Victorian Pole Vault title and was an accomplished footballer. Ted played for Richmond before a knee injury inflicted early retirement and thereafter coached Doncaster, Tunstall, Vermont and Ringwood to premierships. He married Dorothea in 1922 and settled down to be an orchardist in Junction Road Nunawading.. Ted and Dorothea had 4 sons and 2 daughters who were all keen on their sport, so much so that Ted built a 9 hole golf course behind the house. During the Second World War Ted was the A.R.P. warden for Tunstall where one of his jobs was to go around checking that all the blinds were down to eliminate the inside light being visible from the outside. 

Ted’s involvement at Tunstall prior to the war is not known other than his being awarded Life Membership. In 1936-37 Tunstall entered a team in the Ringwood Association. Ted Aumann was made Nunawading’s first Life Member in this season. Our earliest records of Ted at Nuna were of him winning the D Grade (2nds) batting averages in 1950-51 and 51-52 with a highest score of 87. Ted was Nunawading’s first President and served with distinction until illness forced him to resign after ten seasons in the helm. Ted was voted President at the 1947-48 Annual General Meeting and Club delegates included Tom Reeves, M O'Brien. Norm Vaux and A. Tanner. He continued as Club President until 1956-57

Ted passed away on August 18, 1982 and is buried in Box Hill cemetery and Dorothea passed away in 1987. All four of Ted’s sons played at Nunawading, Jim who played in the A grade side as a batsman and served on the committee and Geoff who played C grade, including in the 51-52 premiership team and was Club Secretary for a period. Doug and Harold also represented the Club.