Nunawading Cricket Club


Stuart Hamilton


Younger than Derek and Cowelly


In I.T.

Nickname (and why)


Spudboy (Devo related)

Married?  Kids?


Yes, 2

Describe yourself as a cricketer


“O Gorj, who were once as us”. 

(Or in non-Devo words, I wasn’t always this bad).

Cricketing highlight



Three tons in one season (beat that Jeff !!!).

Years played at NCC


Best player seen at Nunawading

Kevin Steele

Funniest thing seen at NCC


Derek at first slip with cup and saucer at his feet (he hadn’t finished his cuppa during the tea break).

Any cricketing superstitions?


Must have Devo sticker on back of bat.

When you come out to bat, what song should be playing?

Gut Feeling (Devo).

Premierships at NCC



Favourite Aussie cricketer (past or present)

Paul Sheahan / Michael Slater

AFL team



Other sports played



Best holiday destination



Drink of choice


Choose 3 famous people to have dinner with (past or present)


Mark Mothersbaugh

Nick Cave

James Freud

Favourite band/artist



Favourite cartoon character

Homer Simpson

Favourite movie


The Complete Truth About De-evolution.

Which star would play YOU in a movie about yourself?

Jerry V. Casale

If NCC was on Survivor, who would get voted off first and why?

Derek (too much like Felix Unger)

What will you be doing in 10 years time?

Playing golf whilst wearing an Energy Dome