Nunawading Cricket Club

Scottie Millar

Scottie started his career at Nunawading way back in the 1992/93 season. Over 25 years playing Scottie has played 292 games – putting him within reach of the 300 game club (of which there are only a handful of players) which Derek Clark achieved this year. Throughout that time I’m not exactly sure but he may be one of a few that may have played a game in every grade for the club?

A solid opening bat, with the ability to punish any bad short ball and dig in when necessary has helped him to over 5,000 career runs – culminating in perhaps his best innings only a couple of weeks ago making his maiden ton with a score of 110. Imaging how many more tons he could have made had Robbie been at the club for 25 years offering up his $100 bar incentives.


318 Innings

5263 runs

22 not outs

26 Fifties

1 Ton

110 highest score

Also a handy leg spin bowler his career stats confirm that he’s not too bad at coming on and breaking a partnership when needed – taking over 100 wickets – a feat that should not be underestimated for a part time bowler.


132 Wkts

2825 runs

21.4 ave

3/3 Best Bowling (thats from 07/08, no records of best bowling before that season. On the club records before that season it did say there was NO 5 fors.)

In the 26 years since 1992, there are a total of ~ 275 home and away games played. Scottie has played in almost every one of those, the highlights being:

1-day Premiership in 2013/14 (490 runs @ 69, 15 wickets in 14 games)

C Grade Premiership (Captain) 2015/16 (243 runs @ 22 in 14 games)

  • Maiden century 110 in the final Round 11 game this season

On pure stats alone, this is a fantastic contribution to the cricket club.

Whilst his playing stats indicate a healthy contribution on the field – Scottie is no stranger to providing off field assistance around the club. He has been a member of the Committee in both official and unofficial capacities, coached juniors, assisted in the Milo program and been one of our key go to men for maintenance required around the place.

Most of you may not remember the 1970’s kitchen – Scottie was personally responsible for the full renovations of the kitchen cabinetry and benchtops – all built and installed by Scottie back in about 2005. This involved many hours of unpaid labour, and I also recall a pretty hefty discount (may have been even close to 100% on most of the materials) which his boss may or may not have been aware of at the time.

He also completed the bar renovations in 2013 – replacing benchtops and a general uplift and assisted again this year with the JP led team for the refurb of the social rooms. I know I’ll forget someone so I won’t acknowledge everyone now but I can’t recall the rooms ever having looked better in my time here (about the same time Scottie started). The comments received this year about our social rooms from our opposition, past players and general visitors this year has been amazing. Complete strangers at functions comment on what a great facility we have and we should all be very proud of our club. It’s the little things that all of us can do that will make sure that Nunawading is a club that outsiders look up to both on and off the field.

Whether it be putting up a picture rail, hanging a sign, fixing a broken stool, table, or chair – Scottie and his toolkit are never far away. As recent as a couple of weeks ago Paddy and I got sick of seeing the scorebooks always being dumped all over the rooms, the kitchen, behind the bar, left on table or temporarily misplaced so we asked Scottie to knock up a shelf for under the TV – that week it was done. The door in the men’s toilets had been broken for at least a few years – everyone in this room (well at least all of the males) would have been through it a hundred times or more – but no one ever thought to fix it - so when I asked him if it could be repaired – he was straight on to it and it was done.

Scottie has always been extremely pro-active in supporting club initiatives and continually works with other senior club representatives to ensure the club is heading in the right direction both on and off the field.

The club obviously needs good players and good blokes to be successful – Scottie ticks both these boxes. But all the great clubs need great club members who contribute in the not so obvious ways. We all see the improvements over time, but we don’t often consciously consider what goes on behind the scenes to make these things happen. Tonight we highlight the contributions of one individual and although there are many others around who also contribute to the betterment of this Club – this award celebrates a significant contribution of one individual over a quarter of a century and for that we thank Scottie with this prestigious award.

Life membership of the Nunawading Cricket Club is not something that any individual sets out to achieve, its not a right or entitlement – rather it is earnt based on recognition by the committee and members of one’s contributions to the club over a sustained period. The guidelines are not black and white – the criteria for Life Membership is not merely passing a predefined benchmark – it is for outstanding service and it is of the highest honour.

There is no doubt that Scottie deserves this recognition – as player, junior coach, captain, committee member and handyman – his contributions over 25 plus years – and hopefully at least a few more years to come mean that he is a very worthy recipient.

Congratulations Scottie.