Nunawading Cricket Club

Rob Legg

Rob Legg receives his Life Membership

Rob Legg’s cricket career at Nunawading Cricket Club now includes games played over the last 5 decades. Debuting in 1979, Leggy has now played in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and the10’s! Over the journey Rob has scored over 5000 runs, and from experience Rob is known for being extremely reliable and consistent. Robbie spent most of his Saturdays as an opening bat, but he found his niche in the middle order in more recent times. Rob has adapted his skills to every challenge that has presented itself. In recent times captains have taken to throwing the ball to Leggy at times to break partnerships. Another skill Leggy has adapted to along the way. It must be noted Leggy has been a wonderful fieldsman also. Often in the catching region Leggy has latched onto some of the best catches ever seen taken at Nunawading, often one-handed. Many a captain would set the field around Leggy in the gully.

Career Stats prior to start of season 2011-12:

Debut in 1979

304 games (5th all time)

RH bat

5000+ runs

12 x 50’s

1 x 100’s

High Score 110 not out

Right arm medium pace

64 wickets at 15

1 x 5 wicket haul

While Rob has been a solid performer on the field his nomination for Life Membership at Nunawading Cricket Club is more about what he represents. Anyone who has spent more than a fleeting season at the club will know Robbie Legg. Many young cricketers have played in teams with Robbie and been influenced by this great Nunawading identity. It’s hard not to be inspired when watching the grit and determination of Leggy on display, particularly with bat in hand.

Leggys one and only (unbeaten)  ton was scored on the middle ground at Nuna in season 1990-91. Leggy is not and never was well known for his powerful hitting, however this ton was brought up with a towering 6. This 6 was not the biggest ever seen, but it was probably one of the most memorable. In true Nuna fashion it was brought up late in the day with a crowd standing on the balcony. They all rose as one as Leggy finished off what was to be one of the great highlights of his cricket career.

Rob won the 6th XI batting averages in 1994-95, a year in which he was also skipper. This was an achievement in itself but it must have been more special given that his father, Merv, won the bowling averages. In 1997-98, Rob won the 5th XI batting average.

There is another story about Leggy performing for Nuna in 1994, this time it was on a stage in Hawaii during a Nomads cricket tour. Perhaps Rob can explain exactly what he was doing ?

In a period in the club history where participation is at a low, stories like that of Robbie Legg are unheard of. Players like Robbie Legg should be rewarded with Life Membership not because it is owed, but because of the value of this award is not lost with Robbie Legg. Merv is a Life Member, so Rob understands the value and the pride of such an honour. The honour of Life Membership will grow with the induction of Robbie Legg. Leggy will probably say he’s not worthy, but this is the very trait that makes him worthy. Leggy believes the club owes him nothing, in fact that he owes the club a lot. Leggy is truly a Nuna legend.

In a little known fact Robbie Legg has been “the unlucky” player that was left out at selection for Grand Final sides more than once. But the great clubman Robbie is, he never made a big deal about it. He still turned up to support the team he’d contributed to all season, came to preseason and trotted out another consistent season the following year.

Robbie is often seen around the club, sipping a soft drink, telling and listening to the stories of what happened on the pitch that day. Leggy has always had equally as strong interest in what has been happening in the club both up the grades, down the grades and of course at a committee level. Robbie Legg is a “no fuss cricketer” however his contribution to Nunawading Cricket Club is something to fuss over.