Nunawading Cricket Club


Phillip Lord




Financial Planner

Nickname (and why)


The Destroyer – for one season’s bowling effort – until batsmen work out the bowling is actually ordinary

Married?  Kids?


Yes; two

Describe yourself as a cricketer


No pretensions whatsoever

Cricketing highlight



Team – Premiership

Individual – Hat-trick 

Years played at NCC

6 years

Best player seen at Nunawading

Mal West

Funniest thing seen at NCC


Umpire’s trousers falling down to his knees as he changed ends on the bottom oval.

Any cricketing superstitions?


Not to wear a helmet or thigh pad – I have a bat

When you come out to bat, what song should be playing?

Nothing – this is cricket, not basketball

Flags at NCC


1 (2002/2003 – 4ths)

Favourite Aussie cricketer (past or present)

Merv Hughes

AFL team



Other sports played



Best holiday destination



Drink of choice

(Heavy) Beer

Sexiest woman in the world


Past – Jacqueline Bisset

Present – Megan Gale

Choose 3 famous people to have dinner with (past or present)


Bill Clinton

Andrew Bolt

Ross Stevenson

Favourite band/artist


Rolling Stones

Favourite cartoon character

Foghorn Leghorn

Favourite movie


Dirty Harry

Which movie star would play YOU in a movie about yourself?

Denis Waterman

If NCC was on Survivor, who would get voted off first and why?

I would, because the concept is crap

What will you be doing in 10 years time?

Living, hopefully