Nunawading Cricket Club

Paul Callanan, Nunawading CC Life Membership awarded in March 2016

Paul's story at Nunawading is a great one. First and foremost, Paul is a legend and Life Member of the Blackburn Cricket Club. He was instrumental in the development of the junior program at Blackburn that has blossomed to be, arguably, amoungst the most successfull in Australia. Paul played at Blacburn for many years, his son, Paul jnr, is also a club legend and Paul is still a regular supporter and contrubutor to his home club.

It was in the early 90's, when Paul moved into the local area that he became involved at Nuna. Almost from day 1, Paul would find himelf behind the bar, in the kitchen, serving drinks and afternoon tea, cleaning up and providing the type of off-field support that any club needs to be successful.

In 2005, Paul was part of a small group of volunteers who renovated the kitchen and bathroom from tired, old 70's style to more modern and functional. He spent countless hours, hands-on in this effort.

Paul's contribition to our club has been significant for over 20 years and it is great to be able to honour such a good bloke Life Membership and proof that one does not have to be a player to be pivotal part of a sporting club.

Paul is only the second non-player to ever be awarded Life Membership in our 90 year history and the Club is proud to be able to recognise the contribution of such a great club man as it is the contributions of great people such as Paul that often go unheralded.

Paul was awarded his Life Membership, fittingly, at Blackburn CC at the completion of the now annual Father-Son-Daughter game played for the Paul Callanan Cup on Feb 14, 2016.

Paul Callanan receving Nuna CC Life Membership at Blackburn CC