Nunawading Cricket Club

Nuna CC Life Membership awarded to Paddy Mitchell March 2016


Paddy Mitchell with son Jacob celebrating the 5th XI 2016-17 premiership

Known as an agricultural batsman with the slog to cow corner his favourite shot, Paddy only bats one way and that is attacking. This means that it often doesn’t pay off but when it does it is very entertaining and often quick. Paddy’s batting leaves no one wondering what might have been and has an unfortunate habit of getting out in the 80’s.

Paddy gets the balance right, much to the selectors’ disdain as, in the warmer months he likes to head to the races with his Dad and off on weekends to Warrnambool or any other places where there are horses racing. He is well known amongst the older players for organising trip away t-shirts and had a hand in the allocation of nicknames to be embroidered onto those shirts. Often the owner of the nickname would have difficulty explaining the origin of it to his wife or girlfriend.

But by far and away Paddy’s biggest contribution to the Club has been in his services off the field. Paddy has served continuously on the committee since 1995/96 when he joined as Social Secretary and, with the significant help of his Dad Dave, has run the bar in the social rooms since 1997. This has included weekly tasks such as buying stock, delivering it to the club, carrying it upstairs and storing behind the bar. These tasks were often done by himself and whilst others are training or not even at the club. In addition to that, Paddy has sat behind the bar on many many nights, serving others. This often includes staying back very late. When everyone else simply goes home when they want to, Paddy is most often the last one there, cleaning up, vacuuming, taking rubbish out, sorting out the bar takings and closing the rooms. This is all at the expense of: a) his wife and children who would much rather him at home and; b) his own enjoyment as he is stuck behind the bar whilst we all have fun and come and go as we please. This has, in recent years, extended into Friday nights as Paddy always runs the bar for our Junior post match drinks and is always the last to leave.

The services of his father Dave to the Club must also be recognised at this time. Dave has single handedly run the finances of the social rooms for almost 20 years as well as running the bar with Paddy and he and his wife Dianna have cleaned the rooms for many years. Dave has spent countless hours working for Nuna and will, no doubt, soon be similarly recognised. Dave’s contribution to Nunawading is profound. In the time that Paddy and Dave have run the bar, over $400,000 revenue has been generated !

Paddy’s interests have been further extended in recent years with the addition of Jacob and Isla to the family unit run by he and Lara. Lara has been exceptionally understanding and accepting of the importance belonging to a sporting community holds for Paddy and lets their children share the experience. In particular, their son Jacob wears the purple and gold with pride and has had a couple of years of competitive cricket under his belt at the age of 9. Scribes are predicting that Jacob will, by far, exceed the sporting talents of his father, and we are sure Paddy will enjoy seeing that as he takes great pride in seeing his son play for Nuna.

The Social Rooms are the life and soul of our club culturally, socially and financially. Mateships are formed and enhanced, stories are told, successes are celebrated, failures are explained and accepted and the Nunawading inclusive community spirit across both junior and senior clubs is cultivated. Without Paddy, none of this would be possible. In his Dad’s words, Pat doesn't look for accolades, but is extremely reliable, goes about his business with a minimum of fuss and always gets the job done. So Paddy, we say thank you, well done mate and cheers, you are now a Life Member of the Nunawading Cricket Club.

First season: 1989

189 games, 113 wickets @ 26, 4 x 5 wickets, 3323 runs, 1 ton, 15 x 50’s, HS 105 in 2001/02

7th XI Batting 1993/94, 5th XI Bowling 2002/03, 4th XI Batting 2007/08, 4th XI Batting 2009/10

4th XI Batting 2001/12