Nunawading Cricket Club

Nuna CC Life Member Kevin Rose'Meyer

Kev Rose'Meyer holding the City of Whitehorse Sports Club of the year award for 2015-16

Kevin Rose’Meyer is the latest true Nuna legend the club would like to bestow Life Membership upon. Kev has been at Nuna since around 1987 and he has played over 250 games.

He has a passion for excellence when playing cricket and when in a club administration capacity that is not matched by many. As a cricketer, Kev is a cocky, some may say arrogant batsman, who has no respect for bowlers. He loves playing cover drives, cuts and pulls and scores quickly. Kev is great to watch and, when the side is 2 for not many, it is always Kev who leads the recovery by, first batting till tea then batting to a big score and team success. Very recently a few of us were privileged to watch Kev score 192. He came in at a typical 2 for not many and confidently strode to 100. We all thought that would be it and that a sky ball would soon follow but, not Kev found the energy to get to 150 then again to almost 200. It was amazing to watch. All the time, cover drives, cuts and pulls. Kev scores big and scores often…and he expects to …arrogance in a batsman is a key to success and Kev has been very successful !

Kev loves helping the next generation of Nuna senior cricketers and has taken a nurturing role as skipper of the Third XI where we works with our young talent, giving them opportunities, advice and guidance as they transition to senior cricket. Many a young player has been deliberately placed in Kev’s team just for the nurturing.

Off the field, Kev is a terrific club administrator. He has a great eye for detail and this is where his passion for excellence shines. He has been Club Secretary for the last 8 years and has spent countless hours at club and association meetings, keeping MyCricket up to date (a big job) and managing clearances and permits etc. Kev has also been on the BHRDCA tribunal for several seasons just to ensure that Nuna is doing it’s bit for the association. More recently, Kev’s dulcet tones have been often heard on the Corden, the BHRDCA local radio program, again promoting Nuna.

Whenever Kev speaks, it is always about what he and we can do for the Club. His loyalty to Nuna is amazing and he has been in a senior club leadership role all through our recent rejuvenation and is one of the reasons for our returning to be one of the better and stronger clubs in the completion.

Some might compare Kev with the great Bob Saker. A fierce and determined batsman who speaks his mind, plays the game hard and also a great slip fielder. Kev takes the most amazing catches, seemingly without moving.

Life Membership is a fitting recognition for a man who has dedicated so much of his personal time to those he shares the field with at Nunawading Cricket Club.