Nunawading Cricket Club


Ken McNabb




National Product Manager

Nickname (and why)


None at Nuna. (no, I’m not counting “You Idiot” as a nickname).

Married?  Kids?


Married with 2 Kids (that I know of)

Describe yourself as a cricketer


 I am Better than I think I am. No hang on that might be the wrong way around.

Cricketing highlight

Getting picked to play

Years played at NCC


Best player seen at Nunawading

Cardez (shhh don’t tell him though)

Funniest thing seen at NCC


Any recent team photo is high on the list

Any cricketing superstitions?


When you come out to bat, what song should be playing?

Final Countdown (Europe)

Flags at NCC


None (yet)

Favourite Aussie cricketer (past or present)

Matthew Hayden

AFL team



Other sports played


You have got to be kidding me?

Best holiday destination


Anywhere I can go fishing

Drink of choice

 Any good Scotch, or a good Shiraz.

Sexiest woman in the world (excluding partner)

Jessica Alba

Choose 3 famous people to have dinner with (past or present)

Albert Einstein, Anthony Robbins, Richard Branson

Favourite band/artist


No real fav. All good rock and pop gets a listen.

Favourite cartoon character

Stewie (Family Guy)

Favourite movie


Any with Jackie Chan

Which movie star would play YOU in a movie about yourself?

Vince Vaughan

If NCC was on Survivor, who would get voted off first and why?

Dylan Jellett. It’s way too obvious.

What will you be doing in 10 years time?

Enjoying Life with the family