Nunawading Cricket Club

Ian Sach

 Ian Sach

Ian’s association with the club came in two instalments.  Ian started playing at Nunawading in 1960 and dropped out for a couple of years in the mid to late 1960s to return to university to do a PhD.  He says that he would probably not have returned to cricket had he not, by chance, met Bob Jenkin on the beach at Cowes.  Bob persuaded him to return and he played on for many more seasons. 

Ian served on the Club Committee in both periods of his membership, being at various stages  Treasurer and President and took part in the move from Silver Grove to Mahoney’s Oval.  Although playing as a member of some powerful side in the early years, Ian was a member of a premiership side on only one occasion.   Ian made two centuries at the Club and he preferred to assess his innings by time at the crease and the looks of frustration on the faces of furious bowlers driven witless. 

On field highlights include season 1961-62, when Ian won the Association A grade batting average with 375 runs at 61.8 and a match almost 20 years later in 1980-81, when he scored 123 in a partnership of 239 against Forest Hill. 

He captained our second side at one stage during his later years and remembers having the luxury of Ian Rowe in the side to bowl his slow-medium left arm spinners.  This meant Ian only ever had to bother about bowling changes at one end.  

Some of the players (and there are many more who could and should be mentioned) with whom he had the privilege of playing were the Sakers, George Dolan, John O’Sullivan, Ian Rowe, Alan Haag, Keith Joyce, the Davies brothers, Mick McLachlan, Bob Jenkin, Kevin Steele, Trevor Hutchins, Allan Jackson, Doug Bosworth, Graham Harris, Graham Best, Ian Donaldson, Alan Gale and Eric Thornton. 

A favourite off field memory of Ian’s is the time Stewie Gould and Ian thought they were last to leave the Silver Grove premises one Saturday evening and locked the door by slamming it.   They did not have keys.  Stewie’s wife, somewhat distraught, then informed them that one of their children was still inside!  This required a break-in from the second level at the back of the hall.  The police were not called by neighbours but as Stewie was a policeman it did not matter! 

Ian bought Ian Donaldson’s father’s 1969 VW beetle many years ago (probably in the 1970s) and still has it! The after match drinks in members’ garages was an enjoyable and friendly club feature in the early days before club bars and lounges. 

After Ian retired from cricket he played bowls at Heatherdale for three years before moving to Essendon where he still plays for Strathmore and is now their Club Secretary.