Nunawading Cricket Club

Graeme Harris

 Graham Harris

Graeme “Harry” Harris started playing at Nuna in the mid 1960’s and was a quiet bloke. Time in the Army during the Vietnam War (a "nasho") changed his outlook somewhat however. He sometimes trained in army fatigues. “H” used to open the bowling off about 15 paces in the Seconds. Kev Steele recalls in his first game, H and Stainless combined brilliantly to drop 4 catches in 2 overs off Captain Mick McLachlan, at long on in tight game at Silver Grove. Kev first noticed him pushing Glen Smith's sports car , assisted by Mick Skinner, along McCulloch St one day, and joined them at Nuna the following season on the strength of that event!!  As a captain, he habitually bowled (certain) aging medium-pace bowlers into the ground, especially in finals matches. That's after he himself had converted to more-leisurely spin bowling! 

He'd a love of the Broadway Musical, and excerpts from Cabaret, Applause Applause, A Chorus Line, and others, would often waft between 2nd slip and Kev at gully, much to 1st and 3rd slips' (G Smith & M Burnham) annoyance.  

A master of the one-liner.  e.g; Beer, Harry?   “Well, one can't hurt, can it?” 

Graeme did a stint of system-installation work for his Major Bank employer over many months in Adelaide, driving home each Friday night just to play cricket, then back to Adelaide to clock on on Monday morning.  

H was a stylish batsman in his prime and could boast a number of centuries.  In his later years, H took up spin bowling with some considerable success.  Graeme was happy to play in the lower grades in his forties  -  his love for the game and the club was considerable. 

Graeme never played in a premiership team having been a member of many semi-final teams which always managed to find a new way to lose!  That lack of ultimate success never dulled Graeme's enthusiasm for the game.


H served on the committee in a number of capacities and was one of those you could always rely on to get the job done.  With his life long mate Colin James, H was a fixture around the club always keen for a laugh and a beer.  

His exploits on trips away are legend  -  a larger than life character! 

When Graeme died at a tragically young age, the club lost not only a fine player and a loyal

servant but one of the big personalities in its history." 

A big, burly, lovely man.