Nunawading Cricket Club

Life Membership for Glen Mackie awarded March 2015


Max making 75 no the same game he took 7/46

Luisa Mackie receives Best Clubman 2013-14

Glen ‘Max’ Mackie is a legend of the Nunawading Cricket Club both on and off the field. Max is a colourful figure, again both on and off the field, who plays cricket aggressively and with a fierce intent to succeed. It is fair to say that this aggression has led to some interesting situations over the years, again both on and off the field.

On the field, Max has opened the bowling in whatever team he is selected in for over 20 years. He is well known for fiery bowling spells punctuated by the occasional full toss at the batsman’s head, always with an accompanying ‘sorry mate’, stump to stump bowling, LBW appeals, mostly successful, and stumps leaving their normal resting place after a Mackie inswinger. There have been physical altercations where, of course, Max was not at fault and many of the rest of the traits one would normally expect to see from an opening bowler have been displayed. The Mackie stare after he has beaten the bat, yet again, is a beauty.

As a batsman, Glen is also very aggressive. He possesses a great eye and an even better technique and plays one of the best cover drives one would see. He does have a tendency to try to smash the bowler out of the ground however and it is fair to say that keeping his head and taking his time to build an innings are not his strong points. Perhaps a highlight of Glen’s cricket was the One-Day XI Premiership this season where Glen, playing with many old mates, had a major role in delivering some much needed premiership success to our club.

Max has been a central figure off the field since he arrived. No social event would be the same without Maxie and he has entertained his many friends on countless occasions on events like cricket trips and golf days.

Max’s contributions to Nuna do not stop there however. He has been the ‘can do’ man pretty much since he first arrived at Nuna 23 years ago. When there is something broken, Max will fix it. Be it the air-conditioning, the fridge, the toilet, the oven, whenever something goes wrong, Max fixes it. This has often taken considerable amounts of his own time and expense. Glen was a key player in renovations carried out in the social rooms in 2005 which saw a new kitchen installed as well as improvements to the toilets. Glen is also the master of the spit-roast , the BBQ or the big catering event. On countless occasions, Glen has organised, purchased, cooked, served and cleaned up fantastic meals for his club mates. Glen has also helped behind the bar for many years and has often served up, cleaned up and closed up at social functions and external hirings. He has also audited the club’s financial accounts for many years.

Many of these times, Glen has had his fantastic wife Luisa right next to him helping our Club.  Luisa’s contributions to the club must also be recognised. She has also been at Nuna for all this time, and has served both the senior and junior clubs with distinction for over 20 years. The culmination of this was a Best Clubman award two seasons ago, the first ever by a female at Nunawading, recognising not only her support for the junior club but for the senior club for so many years.

Glen and Luisa take great pride in their 3 sons, Ryan, Luke and Sam. As they started to reach cricket playing age, Glen stepped in again and ran the Milo In2Cricket Program, the breeding ground of future Nunawading Cricketers, for 5 years. Over 150 children have had the benefit of Glen’s tutelage over this time and many, including Ryan, are now wearing the purple cap in our junior competitive program. This is another great example of Glen’s selfless contribution to our Club. In fact he has helped ensure its future.

All of this represents truly great service to his club and his club mates. Life Membership of Nunawading Cricket Club is a fitting recognition of the contributions made by this great clubman.