Nunawading Cricket Club

George  Cross

 George Cross sitting on 'The Log'

George was a Nunawading stalwart who was awarded a Life Membership in 1977.  George never played for Nunawading but was ‘the man behind the scenes’ ensuring that drinks were provided at the nominated player’s residence on summer Saturday evenings. 

George was a key contributor to the Club’s social activities for many years and was presented with a club blazer in 1970 in recognition. George’s efforts were regularly praised at Committee Meetings and he was a major reason behind the social success of the club. 

George was also the Club’s honorary auditor for many years, this based on his occupation as a Company Secretary. 

George and Muriel Cross bought land in Blackburn during the War and built on it after the war where George served in Artillery working ‘the big guns’. He received a back injury which prevented him from participating in strenuous sport, although he was an A Grade tennis player. However he did manage a few rounds of golf over the years. 

Whilst George was serving in the Army, Muriel performed his job at T. Dewez & Co, Wool Merchants. After the war, George and Muriel, through Muriel’s brother, fellow Life Member Burt Murphy, started their association with Nunawading Cricket Club which was maintained for many years. 

Both were avid cricket supporters. Muriel hosted many a committee meeting and after-match drinks in her home and was also regularly thanked by the committee for her efforts. She passed away in 1996, aged 75 and George later that year aged 85. Lovely people !