Nunawading Cricket Club


David Cowell




I.T. Consultant

Nickname (and why)


Cowley, Cwopper, Jewemy fwom Cowowa, Diamond

The first 3 are obvious. Diamond is because apparently I look like Diamond David Leroth

Married?  Kids?


Yes, 3 boys aged 10,9,7

Describe yourself as a cricketer


Tries hard, minimal ability, thinks he can bowl.

Cricketing highlight



Shield 2nds Semi Final win a few years ago. A great team win that I contributed to. The GF the next week was my career lowlight

Years played at NCC


Best player seen at Nunawading

Keith Joyce

Funniest thing seen at NCC


On a trip away a few years ago, we found Paul Llewellyn ( a very big man), nude and asleep lying next to an ATM. That was funny enough but the best bit was that he had a $5 note wedged between his considerable arse cheeks.

Any cricketing superstitions?


Put my left pad on first. Face the first ball of the innings.

When you come out to bat, what song should be playing?

Whatever song was playing is likely to still be playing when I walk back to the pavilion.

Flags at NCC



Favourite Aussie cricketer (past or present)

Alan Border

AFL team



Other sports played


Running, basketball, golf

Best holiday destination



Drink of choice

Crown Lager

Sexiest woman in the world



Choose 3 famous people to have dinner with (past or present)


Eddie McGuire, Peter Daicos and Nathan Buckley

Favourite band/artist



Favourite cartoon character

Bugs Bunny

Favourite movie



Which movie star would play YOU in a movie about yourself?

Chevy Chase

If NCC was on Survivor, who would get voted off first and why?

Rod Jones, he talks too much.

What will you be doing in 10 years time?

Playing golf and watching my sons play cricket