Nunawading Cricket Club

Junior Cricket Program

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Coaching approach this season

This season sees us move to a more skill/technique focus, particularly for the older children, many of whom have played cricket for a few seasons now. We will work on batting and bowling and fielding using correct techniques and how to deal with certain match situations. The focus for younger cricketers will still be fun, participation and skill development.

We need parents as coaches, team managers, match day assistants and just about any other thing needed to field a team in the purple and gold.  Please express your interest in these roles.

We are really committed to making the club bigger, better and stronger in the coming years and we need committed people to assist us in this so please contact Rob Nash on 0409 357 642 should you wish to assist.

2013/14 Summer Holiday program

Team Structure

This season we are aiming to field:


We are hoping that over 60 children consisting mainly of 5-8 year old boys and girls will register this season. The focus is learning base motor skills like catching and throwing etc and having fun playing a variety of cricket games.

Under Age competition

2 Under 10 teams playing on Friday nights

2 Under 12 teams, playing on Friday nights

2 Under 14 teams, playing on Friday nights

Under 15 Girls teams, playing on Wednesday nights

1 Under 16 team, playing on Friday nights

1 Under 18 team, playing on Friday nights

Home games will be held at Mahoneys Reserve.

Santa visits Nuna CC, Christmas 2013

Under 10s:

Under 10s is non-competitive, fun cricket. The aim is that each player bowls and bats for the same number of balls in a 100-120 ball innings. The emphasis is not on competition or winning but simply having fun.

Under 10 Buccanners 2011-12

Under 12s:

This season, our teams play in Friday B and C grade.

Also, if your child is still Under 10 but is keen to play more serious cricket, we would be pleased to speak to you about he or she playing Under 12s. We may also approach you about this if we feel he or she is ready.

Under 14s:

This season will see us field two U14' teams. Focus for these boys will move from fun and participaton to learning how to play cricket properly including game tactics and strategies to win. The teams are graded.

Girls Cricket

We plan to run at least two teams this season. Girls can enter at the Under 13, Under 15 or Under 17 level.

Under 16s and Under 18s:

Club coach Buddy Mendis will run the Under 18 program and President David Cowell will coach the Under 16 team. These teams will practice together

Junior Practice

Please ensure your child wears a white or purple Nuna shirt to training and also is wearing proper underwear (jockeys as opposed to boxers) in order to accommodate the necessary protective wear.

Please ensure your child’s personal equipment is clearly marked with their name.

Training this season will be a combination of net practice and field practice with various other activities proposed to improve team work, hand/eye coordination. PMP (perceptual motor program) and general fun and fitness.

Please ensure your child brings a drink to training however as the weather improves we will also provide cordial on training and match days.

For snacks we encourage fruit as per our healthy eating policy and a dietician (after he has his knee operation) will make himself available to talk about kids’ nutrition and planning of diet in preparation for sport.

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me.


Rob Nash

Junior Manager

0409 357 642